Marvel Comics unveils IRON MAN's New Armor

Today, Marvel Comics has unleashed a new set of armor for Tony Stark to play with, that is set to debut in April's "Invincible Iron Man" #25.  

The sleeker more ergonomic Iron Man armor was conceived by "Invincible Iron Man" writer Matt Fraction and Ryan Meinerding (designer on the Iron Man and Thor films.)

Fraction explained the thought process behind new design:

The inspiration for the new design came from thinking about a sleeker, leaner, tougher Iron Man. If technology is increasingly getting smaller and lighter it seems like the Iron Man should do the same: ergonomic and aerodynamic. We were looking for something that felt as sleek and glossy as a sports car Tony Stark would covet. I love what we've come up with. It feels like the next evolutionary step in the Iron Man's design.

The armored champion's suit has evolved dramatically over the near half-century. If you were at last summer's SD Comic-Con you may recall a former Marvel PA asking Favreau (in front of over 5,000 people) if he was the one who made him make note of every miniscule change in the armor in the comics as research for the movies. Even the Iron Man films themselves (all two of them) there has been a dramatic change in the bulk and design of the armor (in Iron Man 2 Stark sports the Mark IV). DC's armored billionaire, Bruce Wayne, also received quite the slimming down in armor from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight.

The new design has all sort of curves. Notice the "muscle" definition in the upper legs and shoulders, and the more foot like boots. 

What do you think of the new Iron Man armor?

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