TVby Jim Napier

Stephen J. Cannell passed away at his home Thursday evening from complications of melanoma.  He was 69 years old and leaves behind a legacy of great writing and production credits including 'The A-Team', '21 Jump Street', 'The Rockford Files' and 'The Greatest American Hero'.   

If you are a child of the 80's like myself than you remember a bit at the end of the 'A-Team' and other shows.  There was a guy with a beard typing away on his type writer and at the end he would grab the sheet he had been working on and it would fly through the air and transfer into a logo. If you remember that then you know who Stephen J. Cannell was. 

My two favorite shows of his were 'The A-Team' and 'The Greatest American Hero', both of which had great characters, witty dialogue and a cool as hell theme song.  Those were two of the first television shows I remember watching that were not related to Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street. 

Do you have any memories from the great legacy of Stephen J. Cannell?


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