Movie Review: THE SOCIAL NETWORK – A Cinematic Masterpiece


After watching a midnight showing of David Fincher’s The Social Network, I walked out of the theater and tweeted that I thought it was a perfect film. After I tweeted that, I thought..."was it perfect?" So after I slept on it, and thought about it a little more… yes! I still think that it is a perfect film. Not only do I think that it’s perfect, but I also believe that it’s a cinematic masterpiece. I’ve heard from a few people that they think it is this generations’ Citizen Kane, and I couldn’t agree more! 

I remember when this Facebook movie was first announced, everyone, including myself just groaned at the idea and poked fun of it. “How can a movie about Facebook possibly be good?” people thought.  Then we were shocked when Aaron Sorkin came on board to write the script, and then along came David Fincher to direct. Why did these two great creative talents want to be involved with this movie!? Because they saw the incredible potential in this story, and they brought it to life in a way no one was expecting.

Fincher just crafted one of his greatest movies. I love all of Fincher’s films, some more than others, but in my opinion The Social Network is his best film to date. He told an incredibly interesting and engaging story. Not once did it lose my focus and attention, I was completely entertained by the story of how Facebook came to be and the man who developed it Mark Zuckerberg.

The cinematography in the film was absolutely beautiful. All Fincher’s films are shot wonderfully, but this one was exceptionally fantastic. There was one sequence in the film during a rowing event that was just incredible. 

As for the cast and the acting in the film? Everyone gave award worthy performances. I’ll be shocked if Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg. He played this role flawlessly. As for Andrew Garfield, Rooney Mara and Justin Timberlake... they just blew up on screen giving the best performances of their careers.

The Social Network isn’t just about how Facebook was created, it’s a beautifully sad film about the people involved with bringing it to life, the ugly side of business, the modern digital age that we live in, and the reasons why people go out into the world to create and invent things with the desire to be successful, focusing on the costs of the desire for acceptance when it changes into the blind ambition of social climbing.

This is by far the best movie of the year, and I’m pretty confident that it will end up winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I honestly don't see how it wont! This is the film by which all of films will be measured this year.

Not only was The Social Network a perfectly made film but it was also extremely entertaining, and I strongly suggest you go out and see it when you get the chance. I promise it will be the best movie you see all year.

If you’ve already seen it please let me now what you thought!


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