Opening Magneto Scene from X-MEN being Recreated for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Looks like director Matthew Vaughn is recreating the opening Magneto scene from Bryan Singer's first X-Men film, for X-Men: First Class. Vuaghn will reshoot the 1944 Poland-Based scene where we were introduced to the young Eric Lensherr, the boy who will later become Magneto, the villainous mutant leader.

Bleeding Cool reports that "this sequence plays out shot-for-shot in the upcoming X-Men: First Class… at least, up to a point. They casting is different too, of course – this time around, the tremendous Bill Milner is playing Lensherr – and when the sequence does deviate, it’s with some very dramatic reference of the original sequence on tap for the cast and crew during their prep for shooting this sequence, and for the shots that are mirrored, the attention to detail is apparently quite exhaustive."

It sounds like this whole thing is being done in honor of the original X-Men films. What do you all think about the recreation of this Magneto origin scene?