Ridley Scott and FOX can't agree on a Budget or Rating for ALIEN Prequel

It looks like Ridley Scott's Alien prequel has hit pretty big snag. Scott and Fox dont really see eye to eye on how this film should go about being made. The script for the film is currently being polish by LOST writer Damon Lindelof, and pre-production design has begun on the project as well. Now there's a possibility that a big budget and rating problem will derail the film and destroy it.

Apparently, Ridley Scott is asking for $250 million dollars to make his "really tough, really nasty" Alien prequel, that he wants to develop as a hard-R.

Fox on the other hand doesn't want to spend $250 on the movie, and they want it to be a PG-13 film so it appeals to a larger audience!

Now why in the hell would FOX go out of their way to entice Scott to come back and direct an Alien Prequel after all these years just to tell him, "I'm sorry your budget is too big, oh! and by the way, we want the movie to be PG-13." That's bullcrap!

I understand a $250 million dollars budget is an insanely large amount of money, that's something that can be discussed and workied out. The fact that Fox wants to make the film PG-13 is utterly ridiculous!

The fact of the matter is if Scott or Fox can't compromise and come to an agreement, this movie could very well fall apart, which would be a bloody shame. I would also hate to see Scott leave the project only to be replaced by a talentless director that will end up making a PG-13 Alien film.

I guess we can all hope this story that comes from Script Flags isn't true.

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