WONDER WOMAN is Getting a New TV Series

TV Wonder Woman by Joey Paur

We may not be getting a live-action Wonder Woman movie any time soon, but it look's like DC Comic's Amazon Princess is going to get another shot on the small screen!

The new series is being developed by David E. Kelly, who will write and produce the new series. Kelley is best known for his work on the shows Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope and Boston Legal. He has also wrote screenplays for films such as Lake Placid and Mystery, Alaska.

There aren't really any details on how the show will be executed, but if you've read the comics or know of the character then I'm sure you can make a good guess on what kind of series it will be. I assume that this Wonder Woman series would help fill the spot of Smallville once it's final season has ended. I think Smallville is a perfect example of what Wonder Woman might actually end up becoming. They could end up doing a completely different take on the character, something we wouldn't expect.

And deadline reports that "it is not clear if the new Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince will keep her signature powers and weapons, including her Lasso of Truth, her indestructible bracelets, her tiara and her invisible airplane." Who knows if Wonder Woman would even be used as the show's title.

The most successful screen adaptation of the Wonder Woman comic books was the TV series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter in the title role, which aired from 1975-1979. It will definitley be interesting to see who ends up getting cast in the role this time around.

The feature film version of the superhero has been in the works for the last ten years, but it looks like we'll see a TV show before we see a movie.

What do you all think about Wonder Woman comig to the small screen again?

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