MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Here is the full fan-made Superman Vs. Doomsday battle! This whole project started out as a little two-minute trailer that we showed you in the past. It eventually turned into a full fledged battle to the death. 

Here's a note form the creator of the video, YouTube user kashchei2003:

Superman: Doomsday short fan film. My masterpiece :) It started as a small flashy 2 minute trailer, but during the creative process, it became more so I don't consider it a typical "trailer". This fan-edit is just my opinion/idea for a Superman movie... in video format. Let's see Superman face a real threat... Doomsday!

This is a pretty cool fan-made film, and I think you'll enjoy it! Check it out and tell us what you think!

Edited clips from:

Aliens Vs Predator
Nothing But The Truth
Superman Returns
The Incredible Hulk
The Matrix: Revolutions
The Dark Knight
Batman Begins (sound bytes)
Cloverfield (sound bytes)

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