First Look at NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Animated TV Series

Hey gang! Here's your first look at the animated TV series Napoleon Dynamite which is based on the cult classic film, which temporarily launched the careers of director Jared Hess and actor Jon Heder, who aren't really doing much these days. In fact the whole original cast of the movie is coming back and reprising their roles in this animated series! 

Fox has picked up six episodes of the new series, and it will be interesting to see if it goes past that. The plot of the series is pretty much the same as the movie, and is described as the misadventures of an "awkward high school teenager and his quirky friends as they struggle to navigate life in rural Idaho.”

According to Deadline, the producers of the show are “not particularly thrilled because animated series with such short orders are more difficult to staff and more expensive to make. Also, in success, the small pickups will lead to a pretty large production gap between the initial and the back orders.”

I think that Napoleon Dynamite is the perfect idea and setting for an animated series. The movie itself was a live-action cartoon, so if the writing and comedy is just as fun as the movie this show could end up being a hit. 

What do you all think?

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