Spielberg's 1977 Congratulations Ad to George Lucas and STAR WARS

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have been friends since the 1960's, and in 1977 Spielberg took out and ad in Variety congratulating Lucas and his film Star Wars when it over took Jaws at the box office. 

Spielberg and Lucas were obviously competitors as well, and Spielberg had this to say about that:

He was always more competitive with me than I was with him. He kept saying, 'I'm sure Star Wars is going to beat Jaws at some point ...

It's good to see Speilberg has a good sense of humor. In the end it shouldn't really matter, they're both freakin' rich!


Dear George. 

Last week "Star Wars" moved ahead of "Jaws" in domestic film rentals. 

Your hyperspace performance package really did the trick. 

Congratualtions to the Cantina crowd and all the forces of your imagination that made "Star Wars" so worthy of the throne. 

Wear it well. 

Your pal,

(Signed, 'Steven')

Steven Spielberg



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