Darren Aronofsky is Close to Making a Deal to Direct WOLVERINE 2

Could you imagine if director Darren Aronofsky actually ended up directing Wolverine 2? It would mean that Wolverine 2 would actually end up being a good film! We would love to see a good Wolverine film, and we couldn't ask for a more talented director to make it happen.

Aronofsky was in the running to direct Gangster Squad for Warner Bros. but that fell through, and it was one obstacle keeping Aronofsky from committing to Wolverine 2. Now he and FOX are working on trying to make a deal. Deadline reports:

Word is that Aronofsky--who worked for next to nothing upfront to get Black Swan made is in the throes of landing a healthy payday in the vicinity of $5 million against 5% of gross. Fox hasn't closed a deal yet with the filmmaker's CAA reps, but clearly Fox sees the filmmaker as ready to make that leap from modest grossing prestige fare like The Wrestler to the high gross stratosphere, the kind of leap made by filmmakers like Bryan Singer and Chris Nolan.

I would love to see Aronofsky take on this film project and I hope he officially signs on to do it. The guy is a great story teller who knows how to develop solid characters. I have faith in this sequel as long as Fox gives him the creative freedom to do what he needs to do for the film. If he does take it, it will reunite him with Hugh Jackman, who worked with Aronofsky on The Fountain.  

What are your thoughts about Aronofsky directing Wolverine 2?

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