Willy Wonka's 3-Course Meal Gum Becoming a Reality!

Techby Joey Paur

Remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory were that bratty gum chewing turd of a kid takes the 3-Course Meal Gum from Wonka, and shoves it into her mouth only to become a blueberry being rolled down to the squeezer? 

Well, it looks like that 3-Course Meal Gum is actually becoming a reality. Although there are no reports of people being turned into blueberry's while testing. I've been seeing a lot of different gums recently when I go to the store, it looks like the gum makers are getting inventive, but I honestly never thought I would see anything like this in real life.

Researchers have developed a technology that allows different flavours to be captured inside microscopic capsules, which can be designed to release the flavours at different times.

Some of the capsules could be filled with flavouring for tomato soup that would break open on contact with saliva, while tougher capsules would contain the flavour for roast beef that would break open as the gum is chewed. A final flavour for blueberry pie could be packaged in capsules that require vigorous chewing to burst.

It already sounds pretty damn disgusting, but imagine if all of the flavor capsules burst all at once! The result of that of course would be vomiting. 

What do you all think about this 3-Course Meal Gum?

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