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Greetings all. Thanks for stopping by for another edition of the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast. Listen in this week as Venkman, Mazer, P. Vader, and Ben P. discuss a ton of movie news.

A couple of quick corrections: at one point, Ben P. mentions the Sinister Seven as the collective group of Spider-Man villains, but the group is actually known as the Sinister Six. In another comic book-related gaffe, he claims the Flash villain Mirror Master wears a rainbow colored suit; in actuality, that suit is worn by an entirely different villain, The Rainbow Raider. Apologies all around.


Random Video Game discussion - 01:12

Box Office Numbers

This Past Weekend - 08:50

Box Office History: 1992 - 13:57

Movie News

Darren Aronofsky to direct Wolverine 2? - 20:05

Bradley Cooper as The Flash? - 28:25

Danny Boyle possibly returning to the 28 Zombie Franchise - 36:20

Jason Bourne won't appear in The Bourne Legacy - 40:34

Rhys Ifans cast as newest Spider-Man villain - 48:40

Coming Soon

Hereafter - 55:00

Jackass 3D - 57:28

Red - 58:18


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