Sega Announces CRAZY TAXI HD for Xbox 360, PS3

GameTyrantSegaby Wejo

The initiative to bring Sega classics to modern systems continues next month with the release of Crazy Taxi HD to the PS3 (out Nov 23) and Xbox 360 (out Nov 24).

Crazy Taxi, for the whippersnappers too young to remember, was a driving game that put you behind the wheel of a cab in San Francisco, CA. Your mission was to pick up fares and get them to their desired locations as quickly as possible while listening to punk rock from the likes of Offspring and Bad Religion.

The HD revamp of the game will feature all the modern trappings you’d expect – 720p graphics, achievements/trophies, etc. What it won’t feature, though, is the aforementioned punk. There’ll be all-new music which will likely be inferior to what was in the original version. 

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