Zack Snyder Says General Zod Is Just A Rumor For SUPERMAN Reboot

MovieRumorby Jim Napier

For those of you that had gotten your hopes up that General Zod would be the villain in the Superman Reboot it is not looking too good.  

The folks at BadTaste.It recently interviewed director Zack Snyder about The Legends of The Guardians and had the chance to ask about the inclusion of Genera Zod in the reboot.  According to him that is just a rumor.  

He did not out and out deny that but he did not seem to sound like there is a high possibility that it could happen.  Superman 2 was far superior to Superman in my mind.  I loved the fact that it showed Superman in a more vulnerable light meeting such strong opposition.  The closing fight sequence was one of most exciting and memorable experiences from my youth. Still to this day I feel the adrenaline rushing while watching those scenes.

That being said you can understand how I would not be opposed to having General Zod in the reboot.  The fact of the matter is I would also love to see something new and fresh that has not been done before.  I am in full belief that Zack Snyder is the man that can do just that.  Just like Superman is able to save the day, I believe that Snyder can take the Superman reboot to the next dimension and hopefully a darker one.  

The fact that Christopher Nolan is involved behind the scenes bodes well in my mind for this reboot.  I loved what was accomplished with Batman Begins by Nolan and am more than just hopeful that Noland Snyder together will be a winning combination.

I will b happy with whatever villain they come up with for Superman to conquer.  What or who would you like to see Superman battle in the reboot?



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