Guillermo Del Toro Not Directing GODZILLA

Yesterday a rumor hit the web that director Guillermo del Toro was asked by Legendary Pictures to direct the upcoming reboot of Godzilla. HitFix caught up with the director and asked him about the rumor in which he responded, "What rumor?"

As it turns out there is no truth to this rumor at all. Here's is what Del Toro had to say,

I am not involved in 'Godzilla' at all. I haven't read it or plan to read it. Nor have I been approached to direct it.

So there ya have it! It is very clear that he's not directing Godzilla. Thank you.

As of right now he currently working on his At the Mountain of Madness flick, in which he say's "things are going incredibly well." Now, that's a movie I'm really looking forward to seeing!

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