Watch The Short Film 'BASHED' From The 'TRICK OR EAT' Series

A new short film by Jonathan Moody was released via it's Facebook page at midnight last night and I thought I'd share it with y'all. Good job with a one on one cast and just in time for Halloween!



Bashed... "In the woods no one can hear you DIE"... Bashed is a grindhouse type short filmed in Williamsburg, VA by filmmaker Jonathan A. Moody for his anthology series "Trick or Eat". It stars DaNae West (The Gritters, ZombThology) and Russ A. Bryan (Psychopath, Paranormal) as two office workers spending sometime alone together with some secrets to tell. Who would have guessed it was going to be their last? 

DaNae, Russ, and Jonathan had all worked together in another short film in Northern Virginia with filmmakers Robert Elkins and Victor Michael Anthony Nash. The short film was "Nightmare at Bunnyman Bridge" which played at this years Fright Night Film Festival. 

Also the DP/Editor was Chris Roll who worked with Jonathan before as an assistant camera man for his short film he produced "The Pledge" which is being used as a teaser for a feature version that'll be made sometime next year. Chris continued to work with Jonathan on a music video by Julin Jean to come out sometime soon. And he worked on a short film that he DP'ed and Edited called, "The Dare" which is coming out this Sunday at Midnight. Keep your eyes on the look out for that one! 


Trick or Eat: "Bashed" from Chris Roll on Vimeo.

Poster art by Michael A. Isaacs


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