5 Terribly Hilarious Comic Book Toys and Action Figures

Humorby Joey Paur

I'm a collector of toys when I can afford it. Most of us geeks love getting our hands on awesome looking toys. But what about this interesting little collection of toys that are hilariously bad? As stupid as they are I would love to own some of these! Thanks to blastr for the heads up! Check out the toys below and tell us what you think!

The Incredible Hulk Shower head

It's like he's throwing up all over you while your taking a shower. Just a steady stream of barf. Good times!

Batman Squirt Gun

What in the hell!? Who thought of this!? It had to have been a joke. You fill the gun up in Batman's ass, you pull the trigger which happens to be in his crotch area, and Batman spits on the person you are pointing the gun at. I think this could confuse kids a little bit. This is just so weird. 

Punisher Shape Shifter Gun

Yeah so this happened, and no one questioned it? The Punisher has a freakin' missile launcher for a penis!

Pregnant and Sad Padme Star Wars Toy

This is a must have for any Star Wars toy collector. What kid is going to ask for pregnant and depressingly sad non-action figure of Padme from Star Wars?

Wonder Woman Scissors 

There is just nothing good about this one at all. You have to pry Wonder Woman's legs open only to thrust them back together over and over again, cutting things off in the process. No thank you.

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