Warner Bros. Picks up a Sci-Fi Spec Script DARK MOON

Warner Bros. has picked up a new sci-fi spec script called Dark Moon from screenwriter Olatunde Osunsanmi (The Fourth Kind), who is also attached to direct the film.

The movie will be done in the "found footage" style, which as you know is the most recent Hollywood fad of making cheap and affordable films. Like Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity the story is told through reels, tapes or files found after the person operating the camera is gone.

Dark Moon takes on the idea that manned moon missions did not stop with Apollo 17 and follows a black ops post-Apollo mission sent to the moon to explore previously classified discoveries and its unintended and disturbing consequences.

I'm not sure what to expect from this, sounds like a fun idea. Maybe it will deal with the conspiracy of the man made structures found on the dark side of the moon, and play off those ideas. All I know, is that I thought The Fourth Kind sucked, and I can't say I'm too excited that filmmaker is making another film. Maybe he'll do better this next time around.  What do you all think?


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