ABC Reducing Order For V


V started out wonderfully on ABC with 14.3 million viewers and I was one of them.  I love the show and think its compelling and entertaining and one of my favorite shows on TV right now.  As a lover of Sci-Fi and aa fan of the original miniseries during the 80's when I first heard that V was coming back to the small screen I was ecstatic.  

Despite a drastic drop in ratings for the show, ABC picked up V for a second season with an original order of 13 episodes.  It has now announced that it will be reducing their order to 10 episodes leaving writers scrambling to close up loose ends for this season with less hours.  

This is not the best news for a show that has been pushed back from a November air date to January. However it will air after No Ordinary Family so that may give the show a boost of viewers.  Another good addition in my opinion is Jane Badler who was in the original series.  Badler will be joining the show as Anna's mother in the series.  

I am hopeful that these changes will prove to be helpful for this show.  I am very excited to have this show coming back to the air waves, are you?  Have you watched V?  Are you a fan?


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