Countdown To HALLOWEEN: Obscure HORROR Movie Watch List - Week 1

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Ok my peeps, we are in my favorite season of the year, the month of Halloween and YES I said that right! Being the horror movie fan that I am I get to watch some DVD's and Blu-ray's that sometimes might miss some of the horror fans out there so these picks this month will be nothing but obscure horror movies I have picked out for you to go rent (YES Netflix has them!) or you buy right here because we rock like that! We'll post 5 movies for you each week. Happy month of Halloween and here we go!


1. Plague Town- I love this movie, it's one of my newer go-to-horror flicks! The story is fun and the creepy factor is at a high level!


Rosemary is not like other children...

Fangoria calls it A boundary-pushing, taboo-breaking experience. AV Maniacs says it embodies the spirit and atmosphere of the great horror films of the 70s. And fright fans around the world have named it a new benchmark in independent horror:

In a remote village, a shocking secret lives on with each and every baby born. It is said that all children are creatures of God...except here. Now for a group of lost tourists, every conception of family will soon be sliced to pieces. And for a doomed few, the ultimate terror is about to hit home.

From the Executive Producer of Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer and The Manson Family


2.Midnight Movie- Great movie, great mask, great cast and fun story! This is why they are planning on re-releasing a director's cut of this film for theaters soon!


A midnight showing of an early 1970's horror movie turns to chaos when the Killer from the movie comes out of the film to attack those in the theater.



3. House- No this isn't  the film from the 80's! This one is a story about some people who can't escape from this house and their fate, literally! Great original movie and story!


Best selling authors Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti transform their supernatural novel into the thrilling film House. The film follows Jack (Reynaldo Rosales, TV’s "Medium”) and Stephanie Singleton (Heidi Dippold, HBO’s "The Sopranos”), a self-absorbed couple who get sidetracked on their way to a counseling session. After blowing out their tires, they find their way to the Wayside Inn, a ramshackle B &B where they meet an equally self-obsessed couple. The foursome quickly find themselves terrorized by a household of ghoulish servants and a masked lunatic, known as "The Tin Man” (Michael Madsen, Kill Bill: Vol. 2), who demands a dead body by sunrise. Their only way out, it seems, is to venture further in. But the deeper they go, the more horrifying the killer’s game and their night becomes. House is "a suspenseful psychological roller coaster ride” ( that will keep you pinned to the edge of your seat!


4. Splinter- This film has a dark tone and what these people go up against is just creepy, the FX and camera shots catching certain movements are great!


A young couple retreats to the wilderness for a romantic camping weekend, but the trip quickly spirals into a nightmare when they are carjacked by an escaped convict and his girlfriend. Thrown together by chance, no one can imagine the
terrifying horror that awaits the two couples at a remote and isolated gas station.


5. Parasomnia- What sold me on this film are the haunting visuals for it to be a low budget film they did a great job. Also the soundtrack is very fitting with the film, haunting!


From William Malone, director of House on Haunted Hill
Parasomnia begins where your nightmare ends.” –Wes Craven. Laura Baxter (Cherilyn Wilson) suffers from “parasomnia,” a bizarre medical condition that keeps her trapped in an almost constant dream state. Art student Danny Sloan (Dylan Purcell) falls in love with the sleeping beauty, unaware that terrifying mesmerist and mass murderer Byron Volpe (Patrick Kilpatrick) has sinister plans to claim her as his own. Also starring Jeffrey Combs, Timothy Bottoms, Dov Tiefenbach and Sean Young.

Let us know if you watch any these movies or if you've seen them already! Also give us some honorable mentions that maybe we haven't seen and to share with others!

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