Horror Author Lia Scott Price Launches Comic Book Illustrations Just In Time For Halloween!



                                             "Just in time for Halloween!"

                  Horror Author Lia Scott Price Launches Comic Book Illustrations

From the Press Release:

Horror Author and Film Producer Lia Scott Price is launching comic book art based on characters from her book.

Price, who has created films based on her works, is turning her books into graphic novels and comic books. The new illustrations will be part of the graphic novel project.

The comic book illustrations, drawn by comic book artist Wendell Nelson, are based on scenes and chapters from Price’s vampire trilogy book “The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion”.

The scenes feature her characters called “Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels™”. Her characters are guardian angels who became serial killers and vampires and who are tired of people begging them for help. They target people who pray in vain, who are suicidal, and those who pray for an end to their miseries.




The comic book illustrations will be released through Price’s web site:


Price’s web site also features free e-book downloads and film shorts about her evil guardian angel characters.

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