Daniel Radcliffe wants to Play Dumbledore in HARRY POTTER Remake

Wait? Did you just say Harry Potter remake? Why yes I did. Don't worry though! It's not really happening... not yet anyway. Whose to say it wont happen 30 to 50 years from now. I honestly think we should stay focused on finishing off the the franchise the first time around before anyone ever thinks of remaking it! That isn't stopping Daniel Radcliffe about thinking about it though.

Radcliffe recently told showbiz spy in an interview that he would be happy to return to the franchise if it was remade. Here's what he had to say.

I'm sure one day, probably years and years from now, someone will want to remake them as new films.

If the call comes I wouldn't come back as Harry. No, if they did it in 30 years, I would want to be Sirius. If they do it in 50 then it would have to be Dumbledore. But I think Sirius is the one every actor wants to play.

These days it's not really that hard to believe that one day Harry Potter will be remade. So when it does happen, what would you think about Radcliffe possibly taking on the roles or Sirius or Dumbledore?

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