Slices of Life is a new anthology that opens with the wrap around "Sketcher" begins with young amnesiac Mira (Kaylee Williams) being awakened by her boss Irma (Helene Alter-Dyche) who's singing adds to this scene superbly and her trusty handy man Tiny (Marv Blauvelt). There, she is shown back to her desk in the motel that they also call her home. There she finds three books of sketches (Work Life, Home Life and Sex Life) which set this story in motion along with flashbacks and voices in her head and ends with her feeling "all new inside". This wrap around joins each story perfectly!
"W.O.R.M."- This first segment shows nerdy William Robert Moss (Jack Guasta) at his workplace hiding and playing on the internet when he shouldn't be and meeting up with a web cam vamp (Alan Rowe Kelly) when something "electrifying" happens which includes a scene which reminded me of David Cronenberg's movie Existenz, those of you who have seen this will know what I'm talking about. "I want you inside me", that's what they say anyway when "Worm" sees the nightmare that has happened in his workplace. Demon zombie co-workers, guts hanging out of their stomachs with makeup that equals to or surpasses any other zombie/demon movie out there. It's a mixture of the way they did this, that's all I can say! This lead-off story is a fun, gory to the max, blood fest that will please any hardcore horror fan!
"Amber Alert"- This twisted tale shows pregnant Vonda (Toya Turner) seeing an "amber alert" watch on TV (which decides to turn itself on all on it's own at times). Vonda begins seeing or maybe imagining things,  some visions appear to be  demon children and might I say  very creepy faced demon children who seem to be after something, but what? Question after question arises and more "amber alerts" occur and Vonda seems to have had her limit of stress. Her husband Lamont (Thurston Hill) enters and adds to this story amazingly well all while this serial killer is on the loose. This story driven segment gives it's audience hints and clues to try and help solve the crimes of all of these missing children as it plays out.  The makeup, visual and special FX play another major part and is done in caliber style. 
"Pink Snapper"-  This story follows Susan (Deneen Melody) and Eric (Galen Schloming) on the run after a scary and intruding incident that happens to her at home. They come across this huge house in the woods and find out quickly that they should have just left well-enough alone, meeting the residents of this house starts a quick downward spiral. Sometimes it's better not to help out, if you know what I'm saying people! This is such a fun throwback style story, more blood and guts you could ever ask for. We don't stop there people,  there's a parasite on the loose which has a craving for, well you'll just have to watch. After awkward positions on the floor (which creeped me the F*** out), skin being slung across the room, enough blood to fill 10 bath tubs,and parasites entering a "no-fly" zone  this story is as fun of a horror ride as they come all played out to horrifying perfection.
Slices of Life plays as well or better than any studio horror movie today as director Anthony Sumner and DP Eric Richter have told an original story that is sure to become a classic among the horror fans. The Tinycore crew could sure show a thing or two to the big bad studios! The soundtrack fits each scene perfectly along with haunting whisperings added all through that makes this film that more enjoyable. I loved all of the makeup, visuals and sound FX throughout the film. Each performance is top notch in every segment of this anthology which is a total sell to me.
With its anthology predecessors like the classic Creepshow and the more recent Trick 'r Treat, Slices of Life delivers what it promises, "At home, at work, at play...Terror is never far away".
                                                    Bottom line, don't miss this movie!
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