Victor Garcia Talks Up some HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS Steam

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As all of you know there is another Hellraiser chapter in the works with Revelations and we have shared a few stories with you including some leaked pictures of the new Pinhead this time portrayed by Stephan Smith Collins.
Our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting had a one on one with director Victor Garcia where he cleared up a few things;
He has delivered the first cut of the film.

Garcia says that the lame ass pictures of the new Pinhead are "REAL" but have been Photoshop and that Pinhead looks really cool.

Garcia is not happy at all that these pictures got leaked! 

Garcia tells BD that he doesn't really know why Bradly didn't return but knows he was in the UK while filming the new chapter.

Garcia is being tight-lipped about 'Pseudo-Pinhead' and the story.

Garcia has also been asked if Revelations will have a theatrical release. He's not sure but I'm guessing probably not.

Garcia is becoming known for his sequel/remake films but he's very clear that he will be doing some of his own original movies.
 This is an image of the once rumored new Pinhead, how cool would this have been?
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