Full Daft Punk Glow-In-The-Dark TRON: LEGACY Poster Reveled!

Disney has released the full Daft Punk Tron: Legacy glow in the dark poster! This poster has been teased over the last couple of weeks, and now here it is. The white areas of the poster glow in the dark. 

The poster will be available with the deluxe pre-order of the soundtrack, details for which you can get by following the Disney link. The soundtrack will be released on December 7th, only ten days before the film.

Deluxe Pre Order

* Physical Digipak CD
* Digital download of album in high quality MP3 (320 KBPS) on December 7th
* New song download to be revealed & delivered soon
* EXCLUSIVE movie-sized poster of DAFT PUNK only available by purchasing on TronSoundtrack.com

Digital Pre Order:

* Digital download of album in high quality mp3 (320 KBPS) on December 7th
* New song download to be revealed & delivered soon

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