Info About Ridley Scott's ALIEN Prequel. WARNING!!! Spoilers Ahead!!!

I have to start this off by warning you that there are potential spoilers in this post and if that bothers you, then stop reading this post right now.  I just want to make sure that anyone who reads beyond this point knows what they are getting into and you can't blame me for any plot points that are ruined.  For those of you who have been warned and want to continue, let this journey begin.
/films has gotten some inside info on the direction Damon Lindelof is going with his revision of the Alien prequel.  All in all it sounds pretty interesting.  Here are some excerpts from that article:

The story follows a group of terraforming aliens the script calls ‘Growers’ — these are seemingly of the race from which comes the original film’s ‘space jockey.’ There’s a strange sequence in which the Growers use a bit of mind control to instigate a homosexual encounter between Fin and Karik, two male human slave farmers. The aliens, you see, are a single-sex species and don’t understand the male-female breeding requirements of humans.

The title alien — the xenomorph — is a creature used by Growers as part of the terraforming process, and at a point in the script it develops into the creature we know and love. So we won’t see it in the form we know right off; this will be a payoff later in the script.

Into the group of Growers and human slaves comes a ship crewed by “the usual Alien misfits” complete with a female character that sounds like Vasquez from Aliens, and another woman named Truks that is reportedly the role for which Gemma Arterton was considered. Ridley Scott has also reportedly met with Lance Henricksen, though how the guy who fit into the established Alien storyline might work in this film, I can only conjecture. (I’d guess he’d appear only towards the end, as the xenomorphs are out of control, in a story thread that would point right towards the original Alien.)

They really are taking this in an interesting direction.  I am a fan of the Alien franchise and I am excited to see how the blood-thirsty, acid spewing, spaceman terrorizing aliens we know and love came to be.  I am interested to know what you think.  So, let us know and until next time....

McMurphy Out!