Info on What You Might Find In JACKASS 3.5!


Johnny Knoxville and Jackass 3D director Jeff Tremaine gave MTV a little taste of what is in store for us in Jackass 3.5.  Well, here is what they have to say on that subject:

"Oh, God! There's a lot of good stuff," Knoxville said. "Just the three-minute, four-minute bit on [Chris] Pontius' penis. All the different things we tried with his wang. It's hilarious. And 'Incredible Nut Shots,' we spent more time on that than any bit we've ever shot. That turned out really good. The 'Slip and Bow,' where we pranked the guys, they were on a super slippery surface as bowling pins, and the Street Bike Tommy comes down and takes them all out, and they think that's the bit, but no. [We] had a remote-control helicopter built with paintball guns on it, and they kind of can't get away."

"They're out there on a big giant Slip 'N Slide," Tremaine added. "A big thing that they couldn't get up and run away. They just slide off. Yeah, man, there's so much, like there's the 'Rocket Ship to Your Anus.' "

"The 'Rocket Ship to Your Anus'! I was watching that today and was like, 'Man, should we have put that in the movie?' " Knoxville said. "There's a few of those bits — more than a few of those bits — in '3.5.' "

With a catchy title like that, we had to ask: What exactly is the rocket ship?

"We don't want to give anything away," Knoxville teased.

"Well, it's Bam [Margera] on one end with a string on his butt and the string connects to [Ryan] Dunn's crotch, and he's got a rocket connected to that string," Tremaine explained. "The rocket is actually a prosthetic penis, and it fires up and lands in your anus."

"Yeah, pretty clever, right?" Knoxville added. "And it plays just that stupid."


I can't wait to see what they didn't show us in the movie.  I was able to see it with Venkman and Mazer, and I have not laughed, cringed and felt like I was going to vomit all in one film since the last Jackass movie.  

If you are wondering when we will be seeing 3.5, then here you go:

"We're not sure, because it changes," Tremaine admitted. "But 'Jackass 3D' on DVD comes out after Christmas; it doesn't come out on Christmas. '3.5' probably comes out before that — not Christmas, but sometime before [the] 'Jackass 3D' DVD. We're a little confused as to what's going on, but we do have a lot of fun extra footage that we're going to put out."


There you have it folks.  Until next time, let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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