Of Course George Lucas Wants to make more STAR WARS Films

We've been hearing about George Lucas' rumored plans for a new Star Wars trilogy for years! Today the rumors continue. Here we have IESB reporting that Lucas is “plotting to create” a series of new Star Wars films which would be released after the six 3D re-releases. 

Apparently the sequels will not focus on the Skywalkers, but will instead be set in the future. It will be the same universe, but a completely different story. This will allow Lucas to be free to tell whatever story he wants. He won't have to connect any pieces from the Star Wars puzzel that's already been created. 

Of course Lucasfilm spokesman Josh Kushins had this to say:

This is, of course, completely false, George Lucas has plenty of projects to keep him busy right now — including plenty of Star Wars projects — but there are no new Star Wars feature films planned.

If they were planning any new Star Wars films do you think Lucasfilm would tell anyone? Of course not! They'll deny it until the day they don't. If you recall, they denied that Lucas was going to convert his other Star Wars films for 3D, now look what's happening... they're converting them. 

Apparently while Lucas was working on the 3D conversions of the new films, he "has gotten the itch.” He's “gotten motivated with the success the Clone Wars animated series, the video games and also with the success of Avatar.” The 3D converted films will begin in 2012 with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

So the plan is is to make an ass load of money from the 3D Star Wars re-releases and use that money to develop a whole new Star Wars story.

IESB goes on to make us feel better about their news with examples of other Lucasfilm news that they broke such as Revenge of the Sith’s PG-13 rating, and the live action Star Wars  TV show as well as The Clone Wars series.

There's a chance this very well could all happen, but not for a hell of a long time. I wouldn't expect to see it happen for another 8 to 10 years.  What do you all think?

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