The Not Just New Movies Podcast: Ep. 13 - The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II


Hey everybody. If you haven't been listening to the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast - a problem you can very easily solve, by the way - you might not know that I started a weekly podcast devoted to films that currently aren't in theaters. It's called the Not Just New Movies Podcast, and you can find it at my website under the "podcast" section. I'm joined by GeekTyrant's own Alan Trehern and P. Vader (in our real forms, no GT nicknames) to discuss a variety of topics and a big review each week.

But Venkman and Mazer have been kind enough to allow me to post new episodes here at GeekTyrant, so from now on I'll post a quick link each week to the episodes and you can follow along if you're interested. Also, I'm just going to start with Episode 13 and move on from there, but feel free to check out our podcast archives (especially Episodes 4 and 5, in which Venkman and Mazer [respectively] join us) for a list of our back episodes so you can catch up.

Thanks for listening, and let us know what you think in the comments section!


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