Woman with Cell Phone at the 1928 Premiere of Charlie Chaplin's THE CIRCUS!? What the Hell!?

RantVideos by Joey Paur

Hey gang! You've got to see this! My mind has been completely blown! This makes me wonder if time travel is actually possible! I have no idea what I'm looking at, but it's pretty incredible. 

The footage you are about to see comes from the 1928 premiere of Charile Chaplin's The Circus. Now they did not have cell phones in 1928, but the footage clearly shows someone talking on a freakin' cell phone! Could this be a time traveler? As silly as this might sound, it's something I can't help but get a little excited about. Here's a note from George Clark who discovered it:

This short film is about a piece of footage I (George Clarke) found behind the scenes in Charlie Chaplins film 'The Circus'. Attending the premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA - the scene shows a large woman dressed in black with a hat hiding most of her face, with what can only be described as a mobile phone device - talking as she walks alone. 

Check out the video below and share your thoughts with us!

Now it's time for me to play devil's advocate.

Of course Clark could have totally faked the whole thing trying to get attention. Who would this person be talking to on a cell phone in 1928 anyway? Another time traveler with a cell phone? Unless they can also call the future?

However you want to look at it, it's incredibly interesting. 

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