AVATAR 2 to Be Completely Shot Underwater? And Other Spoilerish Details

Hey Gang. First of all I have no idea if any of this intel on Avatar 2 and 3 is true or not, so we are going to treat this as a rumor for now because this news comes from an untested source, but I thought I would pass it along to the rest of you for the sake of discussion. 

Before you read on, this could have potentially big spoilers if it turns out to be true. We got an e-mail from someone who goes by the name of Z who claims to be friends with a person that works directly with James Cameron, and has worked with him for years. The source does acknowledge that the scripts for the films aren't finished yet so details could easily change.

The source claims that the sequel will be shot entirely underwater with new underwater technology, and reveals the fate of a main character.

Here is what was said in the e-mail we received:

I thought I would pass on something I heard about the next Avatar films. I take it to be true because it came from someone who works closely with Jim Cameron, can't say who, but suffice to say they are a member of his staff who has worked with him and his family for years. They said second film will be shot entirely under water, I think that's already been mentioned as a possibility but the person said that Cameron was actually developing some new submarines specifically for the film as well as a new  type of wet suit that would allow divers to reach a greater depth than would normally be possible without the big diving suits with the bell helmets, etc. The biggest news about the second movie was that Jake Sully apparently would die at the end. The only thing said about the third movie was that it would involve the Navi'i arriving on Earth at some point in the film.

This isn't the first time we've heard this, this just kind of confirms what was previously reported by The Daily Mail...

The Oscar-winning director aims to voyage to the bottom of the sea — seven miles below sea level — to film parts of Avatar 2. Cameron reportedly plans on shooting sequences at the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench east of the Philippines, the deepest known point in the world’s oceans.


Cameron “has commissioned a bespoke submarine, built of high-tech, man-made composite materials and powered by electric motors , which will be capable of surviving the tremendous pressures at a depth of seven miles, from which he will shoot 3D footage that may be incorporated in Avatar’s sequel.” Cameron has previously said that Avatar 2 will explore the oceans and exotic sea life of the alien world Pandora.

The “precise design of this submersible is unclear, but it is likely that it will resemble the $4 million Deep Flight Challenger commissioned by the [late] American aviator and explorer Steve Fossett in 2007.”


This just seems insane! The main reason I say that is because with the motion capture and CGI technology that Cameron is using to make these Avatar films there is no reason at all that the movie would have to actually be shot underwater. Now I guess the story could take place underwater, but I don't see why they would shoot it seven miles underwater with specially built submarines and diving suits. Unless the subs and suit are actually part of the films story. 

As for Jake Sully dying, and the Navi arriving on Earth... I could see that happening. But there is still no guarantee any of this is true. For all I know someone is just totally screwing with us. I guess we'll eventually find out.

What do you all think?

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