DEADPOOL To Be Directed by Swedish Music Video Director Adam Berg?

Movieby Joey Paur

According to the LA Times, FOX is currently looking at a swedish Music video directer named Adam Berg to take on the new Deadpool movie. If Berg gets the gig, Deadpool will be his first feature film, and hopefully Ryan Reynolds will be able to star in the film.

The studio and Reynolds are both very impressed with the directors short film Carousel as well as his other video and commercial work. I think his stuff is really impressive as well, and he could actually end up doing a great job directing Deadpool. Just because the guy isn't we'll known yet, doesn't mean he doesn't have the talent to make a great film. Directors like this have to start somewhere, and why not a fun project like Deadpool?

It was previously reported that Robert Rodriguez would possibly end up directing the film, but now it looks as if he will not take on the project, but he could still stay on as a producer. Apparently the Spy Kids 4 shooting schedule was a problem. I just think it's nuts that he would do a new Spy Kids film before a Deadpool film. But that's ok, I think Berg might actually be a better fit for the movie. 

What do you all think about Berg possibly directing the new Deadpool spin-off film?

Here's Berg's short film Carousel:

Here are a few other commercials from Berg:

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