GHOST RIDER 2 Has A Huge budget Cut! HUGE!



  Sony Pictures and Hyde Park Entertainment who are co-financiers on the 3D “Ghost Rider 2,” with Nic Cage have trimmed the budget and not by a few dollars either! The budget set in the beginning was for $135 million and has been cut to $75 million, that's almost half! Even Cage took a pay cut from his regular $12 mil down to $7 mil. so he could be a part of the movie. Do they have any faith in this project or are they making sure there is a profit made?


  The first Ghost Rider's budget was $110 million and grossed $229 million worldwide. Sony had to have Hyde Park Entertainment come in to co-finance part 2 because of all the capital they have tied up in Spiderman, Men in Black 3 and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


  I still have hope that this movie will be a good one!


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