Richard Donner talks about Zack Snyder Directing SUPERMAN and What he should do

In a recent interview, director of the original 1978 Superman film Richard Donner shares his thoughts on Zack Snyder being brought in to reinvent the Superman franchise. He also gives some advice to the new director, talks about Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, and reveals whether or not he's read the script. 

On Whether He's Been Allowed To Look At The Script: 

No, they haven't even asked me to read it. It's Warner Bros!

On What He Thought Of Superman Returns: 

I mean I thought Bryan Singer did a wonderful job with the other film (Superman Returns). You could just do massive action and blow up stuff, but he chose to do the characters more, although he had some beautiful stuff in there.

On What He Thinks About Zack Snyder Getting The Job Of Director:

Well, I think he could do a great job. You know he's certainly a good director and hopefully he's got a good handle on it.

On How Zack Snyder Should Handle The Balance Of Action And Drama: 

I don't think he's going to want to compete with the best effects out there. I'm tired of it already. I'm tired of those ... what are those machines? Transformers! Really, I mean they were great but lets settle back people and focus on the characters. The characters in Superman are just wonderful.

I couldn't agree with Donner more. Story and a focus on character is what makes a great movie. I'm not sure if Snyder is that guy though. The story for the new film seems to focus on the Character of Superman, but I can already visualize what Snyder is going to do to this film. 

We previously learned that the new Superman film will in fact be an origin story that follows Clark Kent, as a journalist traveling the world trying to decide if he should, in fact, even become Superman.

What are your thoughts on what Donner had to say?

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