Tom Hardy to Play Harvey Bullock in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

There was a rumor that hit net not too long ago that Killer Croc would be the villain in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. That was followed by speculation that Tom Hardy, who was cast in a lead role, would play this villain in the film. But now there's a new character he might end up playing.

IMDB has recently updated their cast list for The Dark Knight Rises, and in this casting update Tom Hardy was listed as playing Detective Harvey Bullock (rumored) which is the first time I've heard of this rumor. IMDB has had it's hits and misses when posting rumors like this, so there is the possibility it could end up being true. 

Harvey Bullock was a well known corrupt cop that took bribes and used police brutality. Bullock later turned a new leaf and formed a close partnership with Renee Montoya and Commissioner Gordon.

I can definitely see Hardy taking on the role of Bullock, but he could also fit the bill for several other characters in the movie as well. The only thing that been confirmed as of right now is that Hardy will play a lead role in the movie. 

What do you think about Hardy possibly playing Bullock?

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