LEATHERFACE 3D Headed To theaters Next Year!

MovieHorrorby brians

  According to Bloody-Disgusting Mark Burg (one of the honchos behind the Saw franchise) is partnering up with Carl Mazzacone to bring Leatherface back to the theaters once again with Leatherface 3D or maybe it's ATCM 3D,who knows?
  Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures (also behind the Saw films) are putting the finishing touches on Debra Marcus and Adam Sullivan's screenplay for Leatherface's next slaughterfest.
  One things for sure, the studios aren't listening to the fans yet. Hey dicks! We're burnt out on 3D, never was a big fan of the headache gimmick in the first place! Somebody put me behind the desk for one year please!
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