Tony Scott talks about TOP GUN 2

As you know Tony Scott has jumped on board to direct the sequel to the 1980's classic Top Gun, and There's a possibility that Tom Cruise is going to show up in the film as well, but we have no idea how big his part will be. Scott recently did an interview in which he talks about the film and what we can expect.

Here’s what Scott said above about Top Gun 2:

It’s not even a reinvention, it’s not even a sequel. It’s a re-thinking. What inspired me is that the world today is great, it’s so different from the world we touched originally. It’s really run by guys sitting in Nevada on computers playing war games. So it’s a mixture of that, and it’s the end of the generation of fighter pilots. Not in a complete end to the generation, because these guys they go up in F-35s and they carry 10 drones with them. [But] it’s a very different movie.

There is also a follow-up question that was asked that was not in the clip below. Will Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise reprise their roles in the Top Gun re-thought? Previous reports from screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) have said that Maverick is the main character and Cruise himself recently brushed off questions on the matter saying it's a long way off. Here's Scott's response,

I’m gonna withhold that information. I can’t say anything. I’m talking with Jerry [Bruckheimer], and I’m going to withhold [those other details].

They are obviously going to do everything they can to get these guys back on board the film, maybe they will maybe they won't, but they want them. This might actually end up being a really cool movie, I like where he wants to take the story and setting.

Check out the sound clip below of Scott discussing the movie.

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