New Videos Take A Closer Look Inside THE WALKING DEAD


The Walking Dead is one of the most anticipated shows from the fall television lineup for fans of the zombie and horror genres.  I also think fans of dynamic, well written shows will have something to gain by watching this series because of Frank Darabont's involvement.

In preparation for the airing on Halloween, AMC has released three new videos about the show, the shows lead character Rick Grimes and the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels.

The first video, Inside The Walking Dead: It’s About Survival, shows how much the show is truly character driven instead of just about zombies.  Not that there is anything wrong with hordes of zombies, but instead of that being the focal point of the series it is truly the cause for the suspenseful events that unfold.


In the second video, Inside The Walking Dead: From Comic Book to TV, Robert Kirkman discusses why Frank Darabont has been passionate about the comic books since their release in 2003, as well as the transformation from a strictly black and white comic to live-action series.


The third video, The Walking Dead: Who is Rick Grimes?, takes a closer look at the central character Rick Grimes and his portrayal by Andrew Lincoln.


Hopefully these videos can suppress your hunger for The Walking Dead until Halloween when it airs at 10/9c on AMCI am personally planning a day filled with zombies and zombie films.  What will you be doing on Halloween to get yourself in the mood for this show?

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