Noomi Rapace To Star in a New Boxing Biopic

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo star, Noomi Rapace, has recently become one hell of a popular actress in Hollywood. There are several studios and directors looking to cast her in their films. She was recently cast in Sherlock Holmes 2, and she is at the top of the list to play the lead female role in Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, which would be a perfect role for her!

The actress is now set to star in a English-language biopic about the colorful Swedish boxer Boss Hogberg, in which she'll play real-life cabaret singer Anita Lindblom, who was married to the prizefighter.

Rapace will star in the film alongside her ex-husband Ola Rapace. In case you think that's weird, they're still on good terms.

Here's a little background description of Boss Hogberg from the LA Times.

Hogberg's life and career was the stuff of "Raging Bull"-esque legend: The product of a working-class Gothenburg neighborhood, Hogberg captured the light-middleweight title (and lost it three weeks later), boxed through pain (he once fought 14 rounds with a broken jaw), romanced starlets, dealt with alcoholism and ran into legal troubles like Jack Thompson used to run into right hooks. His life changed -- somewhat -- when he met and married Lindblom.

He fought 14 rounds with a broken jaw!? Holy crap that's badass! This guy sounds like he lead an extremely interesting life, and it sounds like it will make for a great film. What do you all think?

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