First Look: One-Sheet For ROOM AND BOARD...."Eat your Heart Out"

Just the other day we shared the press release for the upcoming horror/thriller Room and Board and tonight we have the new one-sheet for you to check out! Be sure to keep up with all things Room and Board for more news!
The film is directed by Julia Davis and stars an all-star cast; Burt Reynolds, Kane Hodder,Luke Goss,  Robert Patrick. Darcy Demoss and Brooke Lewis and even more!
More on this cool film:

"Room and Board" is taking reservations as the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA on November 4, 2010 approaches, following a haunting Halloween weekend that gathered some of the cast members of the hilarious and spooktacular horror film. Fans of the horror genre are bracing themselves for a trip to the bloody "Room and Board", where patrons are dying to get in and end up on the menu. 

The buzz already surrounds this star-studded horror flick, already positioned to become a cult classic. "Room and Board" features a colorful family on and off the screen, as most of the cast and crew have previously worked together on some of the most celebrated shows of this exciting genre.

Kane Hodder, William Katt and Darcy DeMoss will feast on the hearts of the "Friday the 13th" followers, "Halloween" revelers, "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" enthusiasts and "Carrie" fans. Academy Award nominees Burt Reynolds and Charles Durning flesh out this horror feast, based on a true story. Charles Durning tap-danced with Burt Reynolds in "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" and garnered screams in "When A Stranger Calls".

Luke Goss of "Hellboy II" and Bokeem Woodbine of "Devil" go to the dark side in this black comedy. "Scream Queen 2009" winner, Brooke Lewis and a horror regular Brandon Slagle round out the killer cast of "Room and Board" with a poster that screams "Eat your heart out"!

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