Silver Shamrock Death Commercial - HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everyone!!!

One of the biggest unexpected surprises this Halloween for me was watching Halloween III: Season of the Witch for the first time in I don't know how many years. I really didn't remember anything from it. The movie had nothing to do with Michael Meyers, so I'm not sure why it was part of the Halloween franchise. It should have been a stand alone movie simply called Season of the Witch. It wasn't really that bad of a film, I thought it was kinda fun, it just had no business being a part of the Halloween franchise.

To celebrate this years Halloween I present to you the Silver Shamrock Commercial from the film that was being used to kill all of those people that watched it while wearing one of those creepy silver shamrock masks. 

Happy Halloween to all! Don't miss the big giveaway at 9. Wear your masks, and watch the magic pumpkin!!!

Here is a commercial montage of scenes from the film:

And in case the song still isn't stuck in your head, here's the actual Silver Shamrock commercial from the film. Don't watch if you are subject to seizures.

Here's whats supposed to happen to you after you watch the above video:

Stop it! Stop it! Ok, I'm done now. Happy Halloween everyone!

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