First Look: New Poster Art For The Upcoming Indie Film 'SERIAL: GIRLS NIGHT OUT'

Hey peeps, here's your first look at the new poster art for Serial: Girls Night Out by the outstanding genre artist Dennis Willman. The film is written and directed by K.M. Jamison and stars Christopher Howell, Deneen Melody, Colleen Elizabeth Miller & Kelsey Zukowski and actually continues the story following fictional serial killer Trenton Wade Bracks which started in Serial: Amoral Uprising, you can watch the  trailer after the jump.
Based five years after the tragic events of SERIAL: Amoral Uprising, Girls Night Out is a continuation of the fictional life profile of a manipulative sociopath and serial killer named Trenton Wade Bracks. Highly influenced by the disturbing true case files of former death row convicts Ted Bundy and Henry Lee Lucas, Girls Night Out tells the horrific story of two unsuspecting sorority sisters from the University of Memphis that happen to cross Trenton’s path while spending time at the bar on a “girls night out”. 
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