Looks Like THE HOBBIT will be in 3D

We've had this discussion several times before on the possibility of The Hobbit being in 3D. The last we heard it wasn't going to be, now according to The New York Times the film will actually end up being shot in 3D. 

Shooting the film in 3D won't be an artist choice either, this decision all comes down to money. The Hollywood bean counters are calling the shots on this one. Hell, the accounts have always called the shots in Hollywood and how a film gets made! 3D films are simply brining in more money, theaters can charge more for them, and people are willing to pay the extra money for it. 

As of right now we are still waiting on an official green light for the film, but the studios are putting everything into place before they do, and the film being shot in 3D is just one of them. 

I hate this 3D movie thing going on right now, but as long as people keep paying the extra $5 bucks to go see these movies, then the studios will keep pumping them out. Personally the 3D doesn't make any difference to me anymore. I go to the movies to see a good story. 

The Hobbit is a film that really doesn't need to be in 3D, but of course I'm going to go see it anyway because it's a great story! 

What do you all think about The Hobbit being shot in 3D?

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