Marvel Preparing 'Avenger's Assemble' Branding and Cooking up Something Big for 2017!

"Avenger's Assemble!" You're going to be seeing that a great deal because it's the new Marvel brand slogan that will go on all of it's products, which will be leading up to something huge in 2017. 

Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products for Marvel recently did an interview in which he explains what Marvel plans on doing with its branding, and how they are looking to focus more on their movies more as brands and less as films.

A full line of action figures, vehicles and role-playing items from toy maker Hasbro; arts and crafts products from Crayola; die-cast toy vehicles and play sets from Maisto; and footwear from Brown Shoe. Additional licensees include Fruit of the Loom, Kids Headquarters, AME and Jem Sportswear.

You're going to see 'Avengers Assemble' logos and icons take more prominent positions. On a lot of the packaging you're going to see everywhere, Marvel does tie back into 'The Avengers,' and the umbrella platform we have set up.

The big play here is that Marvel is really looking at our films more as brands and less as films. The goal here is to become more of a household name similar to Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. We want Marvel to take a much greater position in the minds of the consumer when they are thinking about our properties.

This definitely makes sense more on a business end, and I don't think it will effect the quality of the films they put out at all, they are just going to do a big brand name push.

One of the most interesting parts of the interview is when "he alluded to a plan in development pegged to 2017, but declined to offer details."

What could it being leading up to? Looks like they won't stop at The Avengers. Could an Avengers sequel, or something even bigger be in the works? It gives them plenty of time to build upon what they already have, and introduce audience to more characters from the Marvel Universe.

What do you think about Marvel's branding plan, and what do you think they are leading up to in 2017?

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