New Wave Of Series 5 DOCTOR WHO Action Figures Announced

Photos have surfaced of a new wave of action figures from the fifth series of Doctor Who.  They have yet to be released in the UK, so it will be awhile before we see them in the United States.  Pictured above is a Smiler from "The Beast Below".

A Roman Auton from "The Pandorica Opens".

Prisoner Zero from "The Eleventh Hour".

Dalek Progenitor Guardian from "Victory of the Daleks".

Francesco the vampire from "The Vampires of Venice".

I can't say I'm terribly excited about any of these aside from the Smiler.  I'm hoping for a Rory, a Silurian, and a Liz Ten. And, I blush to admit, a Winston Churchill.  There are also some new variants on the way, but I'll share pictures of them soon in a separate post.

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