Plot Detail Revealed for THE HANGOVER 2?

Movieby Joey Paur

Earlier today it was revealed by director Todd Phillips that The Hangover 2, would be taking place in Bangkok. Which is the perfect setting for this awesome group of guys to find trouble! There's still nothing known about what the films story will be about, but our friends at Latino Review dug a hilarious possible plot detail for the sequel. 

We have no idea if there is any truth to these leaked plot details or not, but if they are true it's pretty freakin' funny.

One of my sources deep within the bowels of Hollywood told me that after a hard night of partying Stu gets really drunk and ends up sleeping with a Thai tranny. The next day the guys have to try and rehash the night and figure out what happened.

Wow, this makes Stu's situation in the first film look like a cakewalk. This is all unconfirmed news for right now, some of it could be true, or all of it could be true. All we know is that it's a hilariously jacked up situation, which sounds like a situation only these characters would get themselves in. 

What do you all think of these possible plot details for the film?

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