Tony Gilroy Hired To Direct BOURNE IDENTITY 4

Get ready for more Jason Bourne on the big screen, Universal Pictures is offering Tony Gilroy the gig of directing.   Gilroy has previously directed Michael Clayton and Duplicity.  He has written all of the prior films and was hired to write the new screenplay in June and now it looks as though he will also be directing. 

The film is currently tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy was initially on track for a 2012 release but that has not been finalized as of yet.  The main reason holding that back is the involvement of Matt Damon who had initially stated he would not be back unless Paul Greengrass helmed the project.  Universal Pictures plans to make the picture with or without Damon. 

It seems like a no brainer for Matt Damon in my opinion who would not be smart to turn down a hefty paycheck for the franchise.  I am hopeful the script will be good since Gilroy has been involved from the beginning as writer and has a strong grasp of the character based on Robert Ludlum's novels. 

Frank Marshall, Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith are producing the film for Captivate Entertainment.  The Bourne Franchise is a top priority for Universal Pictures and has a built in audience making it a smart bet.  I have enjoyed all of the films and am definitely ready and waiting for the next film. 

What are your thoughts?

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