Contest: Enter to Win BURIED Movie Prize Pack - 3 Day Survival of the Fittest!

MovieContestby Joey Paur

Hey gang! We're giving a way (3) pretty awesome prize packs for the new Ryan Reynolds' film Buried! Which is a pretty incredible movie.

This is a 3 day twitter contest event called Survival of the Fittest, and it will run from October 3rd to the 5th. 

Each day we will ask twitter users how they would get out of a coffin if they were buried and given three random items to get out (the specific items would be different for each day of the contest).

To enter the person must name which of the three items would be most useful and how they would use it to get out.

(1) winner will be selected per day and will win am awesome Buried prize pack.

The prize pack includes the following items:

  • A SIGNED poster - signed by both Ryan Reynolds and director 
  • A Buried Zippo Lighter
  • Coffin Box
  • flashlight keychain.

So watch out for the tweets and Good luck!

The film is currentlyplaying in select theatres and will open wide this Friday, October 5th!


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