DOCTOR WHO Action Figure Variants Coming Soon

TVPhotosby LiamK

Here's a roundup of a few new Doctor Who variants from Character Options.  Above is the damaged Cyberman, also called the Cyberguard, from "The Pandorica Opens".  It's floating around now, but it's exclusive to Argos in the UK, who is throwing one in for customers who buy the new TARDIS playset from them.

A phasing Screaming Angel from the scene in which an angel tries to transmit itself from a video loop in "The Time of Angels".

Bracewell with glove, as he briefly appeared at the beginning of "The Pandorica Opens".


Ironside Dalek with blackout covers from "Victory of the Daleks".

This yellow Eternal Dalek from "Victory of the Daleks" is going to be exclusive to Hastings in the US.

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