Netflix for iPhone Now Streaming To Your TV

Techby Jim Napier

If you own an iPhone 4 or fourth generation iPod Touch you will now be able to stream Netflix directly to your TV.  The Netflix app was updated today with one awesome new feature - TV out!  There are a number of adapters you can use to connect the usb port to an external display, including component, VGA or composite connections. 

There is a long list of ways to stream Netflix to your TV.  Apple TV, Roku Box, Network Enabled Blu -ray player, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, HDTV or Google TV are all device that support it.  I have both the Roku and a PS3 that both are great.  

Streaming and instant movie watching will continue to be on the rise, especially with Best Buy announcing that they will be phasing out DVD's.  Not that Blu-Ray will be leaving anytime soon, but the interest and  Hollywood backing of on demand and streaming entertainment will continue to rise.  Soon Netflix streaming will be in everyone's living room, that is getting closer to a reality with the iPhone Netflix app.

Do you have an iPhone 4 or a fourth gen iPod Touch that is running the Netflix app?  Have you tried streaming to your TV yet?


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